The Cyst in my Face

May 17th 2018 – What a week it has been! And this photo is 5 minutes old – I am trying to decide if I should plaster myself in make up to try and cover the bruises or just leave them out. One week ago was surgery for the cyst above my front tooth. It was dealt with 18 months ago but decided to come back. Does anyone else watch Dr. Pimple Popper? All I could think was that the sack wasn’t removed last time so this was always going to be possible 😳 I didn’t really expect to bruise quite this much though. The funniest part of this, to me anyway is that the extensive bruising to the inside of my mouth looks, on the outside, like I have a moustache 😂😂 Today I get to go back and see Dr. Ching and he will take the stitches out of my mouth! Yay!!

The Beginning

May 6th – 2018

I have decided to be honest with myself. Honest about where I am at and why I am where I am. It’s nearly impossible to change if you aren’t honest with yourself. So here I am – 50 kilos over my ideal weight. I have tried everything to bring my weight down, and have had successes in the past, only to find myself back at this point again. But I refuse to be a victim of circumstances, shitty “fat gene” genetic mumbo jumbo, or my own bad choices any longer. I have decided to heed the medical advice that has been given to me and surgically deal with my obesity. I plan to take my life back one kilo at a time.