June 10th 2018 – I’ve been sitting in bed (it’s cold in Geelong this morning) thinking about how grateful I am to the amazing people that have been so supportive towards me. 9 years ago, when I had lap band surgery and the mesh hernia repairs, I ended up in and out of hospital for 18 months – it was horrendous for my family. We are now 8 sleeps away from surgery!

My beautiful family are as supportive as ever. Without Steve none of this would be happening. I don’t have enough ways to thank the guy that has happily and sometimes grumpily stood by my side for 23 years. He hasn’t ever made me feel like I was less loveable as I am and through the good and the crap times, he is always there for me. I am thankful that my Mum will arrive next Sunday. She is taking 11 days out of her life to come and be here for my family – that means so much. With Mum here, the care of my grandfather will be on my siblings, both the blood ones and the love ones – thank you guys for making it possible for Mum to come down – especially considering that my brother is having back surgery on Wednesday!

My amazing friends locally, have been and will continue to be, such a great support. Our children’s school community have offered their support also in practical ways and I honestly feel overwhelmed and grateful. Also my beautiful grown up kids will be doing school runs for me because I am not allowed to drive for 6 weeks. You know, they don’t have to do this stuff but I am so blessed that they will. Without my village this whole thing just wouldn’t happen. I am grateful!!