Purée phase – hmmmm in my usual blunt and honest style I am going to attempt to unpack how I feel about this. I know that I can’t stay on fluids as I will end up deficient in essential vitamins and minerals (Gastric Bypass already causes malabsorption) but I can fully understand why people can get stuck on this phase when they are post bypass. It feels like the purée sat in my stomach for a long time even though I know that is not possible. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it didn’t feel great either. Yesterday I had one purée meal and I was not particularly hungry for the rest of the day. It felt odd to eat something that is a thicker consistency. My dietitian has said that I am not allowed to be on my fluid diet for longer than a day or two more so hopefully when I eat my purée lunch today it will be a better experience. But pretty much – purée sucks 

Another side effect of gastric bypass is hair loss – this charming side effect does not stay around forever but it is something that I am dealing with already. Plus side – it’s winter and cold enough in geelong to live in beanies 😂 but I have a husband that has always preferred my hair to be long. It’s a preference and not something that he has mentioned for a long long time, probably 15 years – but my 5 Jarrett boys will find shorter hair to be strange on me. If I am very honest so will I, because there is a strong chance that I will need to get the chop 😭

My skin is already starting to feel squishy – it’s only 8 days since surgery but the 17 kilos that have gone have left me feeling nowhere near as firm as I did 😕 it’s strange to feel squishy. The boys have taken to calling me Dory – if you don’t get it then you need to watch finding Nemo!! I suppose a very positive thing is that my knees are hurting less and I haven’t been brought to my knees in tears because of mesh pain since the surgeon removed the adhesions to the mesh while he was in there doing the bypass! 

Today is the last day that Mum will be here 😭 I know that I will be fine but I will miss her and so will Steve and the kids.