Day 9 Post Op

Day 9 post op – Mum left early this morning 😥 I know that I will be fine but it all feels a bit overwhelming right at this moment. The last two nights have been rough. I have a wound that does not wish to play nicely and keeps bleeding. Obviously I am moving too much at night because I woke up feeling sore and I bled through my dressing. I’ve cleaned myself up now with new steri strips and a new dressing. I am down another kilo so yay for that! 

This morning I forgot that I really need to wait a few weeks before I start trying to perform much cleaning – Oops 😔 I am not allowed to do any lifting for 4-6 weeks because of my prior history of hernia and how many previous surgeries I have had. I may need to write myself some reminder notes because it’s easy to forget. 

This morning I had a protein shake for breakfast – I am able to have about 1/3 of an optifast sachet so that’s not too bad. My gorgeous boys have vacuumed the house and dusted while I have been told to get back to bed which I think I will ignore. I have done a few laps around the inside of the house today and Steve said he will come with me to go for a little walk later this afternoon. I can’t go too far just yet and I am not going to lie, it really is an adjustment to get used to the amount of calories that I now consume in a day. I don’t want to get dizzy and fall on my face so I will just take things slow 🙂 #gastricbypass