Progress and other things!

Dinner tonight was 4 teaspoons of yoghurt 😕 I might try to have another 1/3 of a cup of protein shake in a little while – struggling to get the food down today and I think it is that the texture is a little thicker as set out in my info from the dietitian.

I can turn around inside my jacket even with 3 layers on under it. . . I am still trying to wrap my head around that! I know how it has happened but I honestly don’t have enough ways to be grateful for how much different I am already feeling. My tummy is still swollen, I still have a stubborn wound that doesn’t want to heal and I still feel beyond tired at times but my knees aren’t aching as much, my clothes are kind of falling off and I am starting to imagine going to the gym again, running again, wearing shorts again – living again.

Hope sure is a wonderful thing and I can feel it growing in my heart. Is it possible that I will actually be successful in my endeavour to loose a large portion of my excess self? Unfortunately however, something has turned my stomach today so it looks like I shall be glued to the loo. The only something I have had is a third of a protein shake!! There are upsides even in this situation – I am sure I’ll be down another kilo by tomorrow 🤔

Tonight it’s hard to sleep. Years ago – back when the mesh first went in to my stomach, there was a period of 18 months when I spent nearly half of my time in hospital due to complications. I don’t talk about that time very much and I won’t break with that fine tradition, except to say that one of the lingering things from that season in my life is allergies. I was exposed to soooooooooooo much tape that my skin developed a total intolerance to it. I had hoped that enough time had passed and that using dressings that are supposed to be fine for people with tape allergies would make all the difference – but I was wrong. I started to itch badly on the second day after the surgery and now I have angry red welts on my stomach. Not fun! I am a little concerned about what is going on with me. I don’t feel 100% right 😦