4 Weeks Tomorrow!!

Dah da da daaaaaaaaah!!! 4 weeks tomorrow, four weeks tomorrow!! I love that each day that passes is a day further away from when I had surgery. Aaaaand its a day closer to being back at full capacity!! The wretched pain of yesterday is no where near as terrible today! I am still calling the doctor tomorrow concerning the pain I have had because there is a family history of gallbladder issues and Gastric Bypass can sometimes be a catalyst for issues. I am not looking for anything like that but it’s best to be safe. 

This weekend has been really great. I have spent time with my family. Loved on my kids, and just generally enjoyed a nice slow pace. Tonight we caught up on a TV show together as a family that we haven’t watched for months. Just a normal weekend ♥️ and it feels good to be getting back to life. 

I haven’t had a great eating day today. I had a gluten free up and go for breakfast, which did not sit right and caused me to reach for a zofran (anti nausea medication) I tried to have tuna at lunch – big big mistake!!! Tuna = EVIL and made me feel worse than the up and go. I am not sure how to describe to you what it feels like to have had gastric bypass because there is nothing that I can really use as something that is equivelant to the pain of a good not agreeing with me. I suppose it is something like the very worst heartburn you could ever have and feeling like you are experiencing something like a heart attack. It is enough to turn me off eating whatever it was that induced the feeling. I am grateful that I have not experienced any dumping which can also accompany gastric bypass – but then I have not eaten anything that is high in fat or sugar because I really hate being sick. 

Tonight however, was fab! Steve cooked and made a slow cooked chicken dish and it was perfect. I added a dry fried egg to mine and a piece of chicken about half the size of my thumb but I ate it and I had no adverse side effects! Hooray! Right now I am getting ready for bed. Because I am taking my boys out tomorrow ♥️