Planet Fatty

Its day Blah Blah after both of the ….. actually let’s just say it’s Wednesday! Happy hump day folks. All I want to do is sleep today. And clearly I am over the word “surgery” don’t even whisper it to me – it honestly feels like you are screaming get f*&^$% right in my face😩!!! Last night my large gallbladder wound decided it would be a great idea to swell up a little more and hurt so that was uncomfortable and kept me awake! 

Today I am giving my water bottle the stink eye – H2Overrated! I don’t want to “sip sip sip” every few minutes! The dietitian makes it sound easy to drink 2L a day. Yes okay tiny little person, who studied at university, to assist me, a member of planet fatty, to join your thin crew. I will just “sip sip sip” the water away. How I managed to withhold my sarcasm and not say “SCREW your SIP SIP SIP” I will never know!! Like most things – sip sip sip is easier said than done. I can drink 50ml at a time 😑 

35 kilos down now. Still keen to crack the 100kilo mark in the next 2.5 weeks – and also to feel a lot better by then! Steve and I are going away for a weekend together 😍 for our 23rd wedding anniversary.  

So everyone, I need to find something to do for a few days while I am still taking it easy! I need suggestions – not reading – I have read so much lately that my head could explode!