Goal Setting – November 

We do this every November – we set goals for the year that is going to soon be upon us. so I am going to be offline and unplugged this weekend! 

I set VERY specific goals for myself for this year. Some I have achieved and some I have not quite reached yet. What matters is that I did this and I will keep doing this in my life because there is power in knowing what you want. 

MEASURABLE – One of my goals for this year was to deal with my health issues. I broke those issues down and worked out exactly what I wanted to address in my self. I made my goals measurable. Without having a way to measure a goal how will you know of you meet it or not? For me, I needed to have numeric values to my health goals – not just hoping for things but actually setting things that can be measured. My blood sugar level, blood pressure, iron Levels, vitamin D levels, weight, BMI, body measurements – all of these things are measurable and believe me, we measured them. 

ACHIEVABLE – Then I worked out what my next steps would be. How was I going to change my life? What was I going to need to do in order to achieve those goals? This part took consultation with my GP, 4 specialist surgeons and most importantly, my family, because without their support of what I wanted to achieve AND the steps that I would have to take to achieve it, NOTHING would happen! 

RELEVANT – I cannot convey with enough eloquence, or passion, just how important achieving my goals is to me. I have always been driven to succeed and prove myself but these goals were and are, personal. They are tied up in my ability to be the very best version of myself that my family deserves. Nothing motivates me like my love for my family. There is no greater motivation to me. I would move mountains to make them proud and to be with them for as long as I possibly can be here on this earth. My goals encompass things like bike riding with my children, learning to surf with my son, saying yes to things that would have previously been a no because I did not want to embarrass my kids. I have goals for my physical appearance, I have goals for work, for friendships and heck yes I even have goals for sex. I left no stone unturned when I set my goals for 2018. 

TIME BOUND – my Goals all have time factors to them. 

This year this process really has changed me in unexpected ways. I have grown, I have learned so much about myself and I am absolutely in awe of my bodies ability to heal itself. I am amazed at how my joints hurt so much less as I have become lighter, I am stunned at my eye colour returning to what it was in my teens, my hands and feet don’t swell anymore and I have so much more hope for my future. I look at the parts of me that are stretched and marred by stretch marks and think heck yes I have given birth to 5 of the most stunning humans any mother could hope to call her own and I am just very thankful. Thankful that I took a year for me and thankful for what is still to come. Thanks for reading guys xx 

Ps…. 25 more kilos left to loose

Pps… I hate my hair short, like really really hate it. Just say’en