A Kind Deed

As far as weekends go this one has really not been great … many a drama to be had and I was 100% over everything! So tonight I will admit that I probably looked a bit the worse for wear when I had to do a pit stop to Woolies in between child And teenager drop offs! I had meandered around the store and found all of the items that had been requested by the demanding hoard at my house, and snuck myself some dark chocolate as an afterthought.

I was having a lovely chat to the girl at the checkout and had paid her for my items when she realised that she hadn’t scanned my chocolate. I went to grab the money out of my purse to pay for it when the man behind me grabbed the chocolate, gave it to me and told the girl serving me he would pay for it on his order. He smiled at me and said “you were already out the door, just pay it forward when you get a chance” I wanted to hug him! And did thank him profusely – then went and sat in my car and cried. He was the first person to smile at me today. So thanks Mr. Chocolate buying man!! You made my weekend 🙌🏻 There should be more men who understand the power of chocolate 🙌🏻♥️😊 don’t judge me – I eat one square every couple of days because I like it.