It is Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons should be for sleeping and dreaming and planning and making amazing memories BUT more often than not, I find myself doing everything that I have missed for the whole week on a Sunday afternoon. This afternoon I watched my 15 year old play his last game of AFL for the season. They were knocked out in the first round of finals for Div 2 Under 17’s. To be honest he doesn’t seem to be terribly sad about it. I think it comes to a point where you just know, “hey we had a good season but I think we are done.”

There seems to be a bit of a lesson in that – I have had a few situations like that over the past few months. I have found myself in a place where I have called time on trying and strangely I have peace about that. Who is this grown up version of myself that I see before me. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of things that you couldn’t fix and just thought yep – I am done and right now I am just hand balling this one because its something that I can’t carry. That is me at this point in time.

So what am I facing? Well I have a complication of gastric bypass known as malnutrition. I have to admit that I am totally devastated by this diagnosis because I have tried so soooooooo hard to stay on top of my eating and drinking so that I didn’t have this – but here we are. And for the next little bit I will be fighting my way back to good blood test results because anything else will mean that my skin removal surgery can’t go ahead on the planned date. Over the next week I will share more of what I am eating on a daily basis but today I am drinking protein water and having protein shakes and eating things that I know will improve my numbers.

Unfortunately it isn’t easy but ultimately it will be worth it! I wish I could write more but my hands are having pins and needles and my brain has become a bit foggy so I am going to go and have a rest before I have to try and do the evening with the family.

Much love xx

Me today
Ugh only one more bottle to go 😕