It’s Quiet

We are at day 23 in the recovery process after the tummy tuck and I am going to confess that this week has been a huge jumble of emotions. I have found the quietness of the house to be disturbing. Being alone all day has it’s advantages but it is also lonely at times. I find myself torn between the instructions to “not do too much” and the need to do things like make lunches, cook meals, clean up and just generally be me.

As far as recovery goes – well really I couldn’t ask for better. I am healing beautifully, swelling is going down and all of that is going well BUT I am profoundly unhappy with the amount of loose skin that is left behind. My side boob is the most distressing part of this process. It is something that I am still tucking in on a daily basis and I was not expecting to still be doing that so that is disappointing. My tummy has loose skin too – going through what I have been through and still having excess skin to deal with seems like a really cruel joke that is just not funny. BUT …… I don’t have to tuck my tummy in to anything anymore. That is a weird feeling! Weird in a good way. And my mons has been lifted – WOW. Its there – like front and centre. Mine was covered by a skin flap for the last 23 years so it’s VERY strange to be able to see it there staring at me. I don’t recognise my body at all at this point and even though I am living in it, it is covered by a compression suit for 23 hours and 45 minutes every day so I haven’t really had a chance to get used to it yet.

I am now just using this brown tape to cover my incisions. Everything is all healed – I just have to keep them covered for 3 months. THREE MONTHS – why did no one say this!!! It seems a very long time but I am sure that it will be worth it in the long run!! ……… okay actually that last statement is a lie – I am probably going to have to have revision surgery to fix the things that are not right so it seems to me like I will be wearing tape on my body for half a year when it could have only been 3 months which I am now resenting in advance …. hey at least I can be honest about it!!

Anyway folks – until next time xx

This was me about 4 months after I had weight loss surgery and me during the week when my new swimsuit arrived

This morning when I was naughty and took my compression suit off for 2 minutes just to see how much my panties will cover of my gigantic scar