Let’s get Authentic 🙃

Shock and horror! My most “liked” pictures on Facebook, Instagram and the groups I am part of are without a doubt the “made up” ones. The ones where my skin can’t breathe because it is slathered in everything imaginable to make it look less than it’s 42 nearly 43 years of age. The ones where my hair has ten tonne of volume enhancing spray, lift, curl product in it. Where my body has been plucked, my hair burned and where I am poured into some form fitting dress or jeans that manage to give the illusion that my body is looking like a snack! That somehow I am defying age and 5 children and nearly 100 kilo weight loss. Of course it is all smoke and mirrors – it’s a highlight reel snap in time that in no way represents my usual self.

Lately my usual self is messy. In all honesty I have typed the following paragraph about 6 times and deleted it all because some things are just not for the internet. Can I get a witness 😏!!! Today I’m not okay. I haven’t been okay for a while. I will be alright eventually but today I’m tired. So here is a non edited pic, here is my makeup less face, here are my dark circles, brown hormone patches and tear reddened eyes and hey – I’m okay with it all. I’ve learned that all of us are like the rest of us. You may not have my struggles but we all do struggle from time to time and I hope that whatever it is that you are going through that you are being kind to yourself and that you don’t feel alone xx

Love Tash

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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