6 Months Post Plastics

WTF Wednesday – I am coming up on being 6 months post my first plastic surgery. I am honestly very much in two minds about doing it again. I need revision – That isn’t me saying it, although it was obvious straight after my first surgery that I wasn’t as I hoped I would be, that is my surgical team saying I require revision as I am often asked about my excess skin and truthfully I believe that the amount I had and have is typical for someone that has lost as much weight as I have and is now as light as I am – With the other factors like my age and the fact that I have 5 children.

When I look at things objectively I know that I need to go ahead with my revision surgery – for the sake of my skin as I age – this is because I am still prone to skin infections and skin tears but I still have misgivings. It was not a straight forward recovery for me and I have not shared everything on here because quite honestly I had PTSD resurface and still dislike talking about certain aspects of what I experienced.

My surgeons explained to me that in someone that has lost as much weight as I have, the skin is damaged and will likely sag again requiring revision. Thankfully this is not as invasive as the massive muscle repair and clean out of previous scar tissue and old seromas that happened the first time around.

I do love living life without the skin apron and I love my lifted mons but I hate the loose upper abdominal skin and the fact that it still manages to pull and rip! My side boobs are to be dealt with in the revision surgery as are my arms. I don’t hate my flappy arm bits but the side boob makes it impossible to wear correctly fitting bras and I wear compression to hold it in every day.

I think it’s fairly incredible the difference that 6 months had made – I still swell from time to time but for the most part it’s hard to explain the difference that not having the apron has made to my life in terms of how much less daily pain I experience.

So what did I have done? I had ETT with mons lift and corset muscle repair (my thighs lifted quite a lot from this part of the procedure)

Breast Lift, Breast reduction with fat transfer.

My surgery was completed by Misters Ian Holten and Raf Acosta from Australian Skin Face Body in Geelong.

Good – Better – Fricken Awesome

Today has been a good day. It wasn’t particularly remarkable as such. It was a day – I woke early, had the kids off to school, went out for coffee with a new friend. I came home, did some uni prep, worked for a while, cooked and managed to distract myself when I felt like I was becoming overwhelmed. All in all it was good.

Today I feel the most like me that I have in months. I think I have realised that I just have to accept some things and I have been able to find peace in doing that. So what is next for me. Uni is what is next. Letting my passions drive me forward. Loving my family harder, and I am now seriously thinking about my next surgery. It is penciled in for August. That will be here before we know it.

I can hear you all saying “what is wrong with you why would you even consider more surgery”. Well basically my arm skin tore the other day. Like as if I had the skin integrity of someone twice my age. I don’t want to live like that for the rest of my life. So I am considering where I need to be physically and emotionally for that to happen. Exciting and scary at once – I won’t do it unless I am in good shape for it but it is now on the horizon.

I am also very eagerly looking towards the future and new and exciting opportunities that are opening up before me! Oh come on life – its time for some good things.