Pandemic Times

Writing to you from the sanctuary that is our home and I have to admit – I am not sorry that I am locked away in my house right now. Its nice here. I am safe and well and feeling pretty good to be honest. I am grateful, fortunate and I know that I am. Today I had to leave the safety of my four walls and head out into the big wide world to have my flu shot for 2020. It is the responsible thing to do and I am glad that it has been done so that I could once again drive home, and hibernate in my room for a couple of hours.

My post weight loss surgery immune system can be finicky and hard to get along with. I take Bariatric supplements on a daily basis and I will for the rest of my life. I LOVE the business where I get my supplements from. I know that they care about the WLS community and I love that the products I am taking are helping me. That is how things are for me at the moment. I am hopeful that in time my malabsorption issues may abate – However I do not intend to find out just how strong I am now by stopping something that has been incredible helpful (my supplements) in the middle of a global pandemic. That would be too stupid for words. So I am continuing to do my usual things. Enjoying life at a slower pace than I am used to and taking some much needed time out to listen.

What am I listening for? Well the same things I have always listened for in some respects but I am staunchly avoiding things AND people that seem disingenuous and self serving in their motives. I love and here the heart of people that contact me just to say hello. Just today one of my gorgeous school mum friends messaged me and asked if I would like her to pick up a particular cheese that I can eat but that had been panic bought and I was unable to find anywhere. How amazing is that? Its those kind gestures that mean so much at times like this. It’s my amazing friends in the facebook WLS community that I help to run – people that message just to see how I am doing, some I know and spend time with face to face and others are online friends of over 2 years. These people are so good at communicating value into someones life and to me, nothing says “I care for you” more than quality time. If you are a Love Languages book reader, then you will be familiar with that term and if you aren’t, then it’s an interesting read. It’s my gorgeous friends that drop a little note in the mailbox or sit on zoom with me and chat about nothing and everything. I guess I am listening for the sound of acceptance – just as I am – not as I once was, not as anyone expects me to be, just as I am.

The great thing about coming to terms with yourself, flaws and all, is that you tend to be kinder to others also. I think that at the moment, we all, in our own ways, are struggling to make sense of what is going on in the world and honestly there is no making sense of some things. I don’t need to try. I’m just focusing on loving my family, my people and my community through this shitty time that we find ourselves in. You don’t need to be all together – that’s why we have each other xx