humming to myself

It’s day 23 in isolation. And lets be honest, it is starting to look like it. How many of us are looking a little bit rougher around the edges than usual? My nails are gone, my eyebrows are growing and so are my chin hairs. Thanks PCOS for not quite going away to the extent that my chin hairs stopped sprouting. I gave in today, and while eyeing my wax pot I decided that it was out when it comes to my sensitive areas. I tried it a long time ago on myself and yeah, NEVER AGAIN…….I mean NEVER EVER…. so it looks like I will, once again, be living in fear of the razor because I really don’t want Steve to start singing “Welcome to the Jungle” at bed time and believe me, he would do that!

I even managed to shave my legs and arm pits and by that time, today I was tired. I know that sounds stupid and it is stupid – my chest decided that it would be a good idea to remind me that my heart was recently not very happy and I had a few pains this morning so the rest of the day has been slow. I want to do more and I HATE the current restrictions that my body has placed on me but for the first time IN MY LIFE I am listening to my body at a brand new level and slowing down when I have to. Today that has looked like spending most of the day not too far from my bed. I hate it and it sucks but I can’t change it – it is what it is.

At the moment I am looking for the sunshine in our every day lives. We have level 3 restrictions in place in the state that I live in to avoid the spread of the corona virus. This means that all non-essential travel is not permitted and we are basically to stay in our postcode and only leave our homes for a very small but essential number of reasons. It has made me realise just how much we take for granted in the life that we have lived until now. However all is NOT doom and gloom. The slower pace of life lends itself perfectly to beautiful family days in the kitchen, bone broth, soups and stews bubbling, Easter preparations and time! This is the part of this journey that I am most grateful for – time! The borrowed days with my boys will be remembered my whole life long – and hopefully it will be the same for them too.