Have you started doing laps of your house yet? Staring randomly out of the windows longing to see other people? Have you left the house to do essential things like shopping and found yourself super excited to see the staff at the check out counter? Ummmmm well that may or may not have been me today 😆😆 It was super exciting to me to hear another female voice! We have been in isolation for 5 weeks and 2 days. That feels like a long time but honestly, in the grand scheme of life, it’s a blip isn’t it? I feel really fortunate to have these days with our boys. I am so grateful to them for their chilled out natures and for the fact that they haven’t even suggested doing anything that they know would put any of us in harms way. Stage three restrictions are working here in Victoria! The Corona Virus Curve is flattened and because of that it is likely that restrictions will start to roll back slowly in the weeks ahead. But what to do in the mean time?

There is only so much Netflix that I can stand. Actually I am not a television watcher. I will sit and watch movies with the kids but since my Weight Loss Surgery I don’t enjoy the TV like I used to. Perhaps I associate it with after dinner snacking? But whatever the reason I just don’t like to watch it for hours and hours so that isn’t a good way for me to occupy my time. My isolation boredom busters are things that I have stumbled upon quite on accident. I am loving caring for my indoor plants. I have loved learning how to look after them and am enjoying the challenge of keeping them alive! I already knew that I loved reading, so that has just continued on, and I do spend a good part of each day studying and learning. The new additions to my life have come in the form of all things fermented. I know that not everyone cares how bubbly my sourdough starter is today, that my kombucha is perfect after its second brew or that my kefir grains are growing 😂😂 and hey that’s okay! I was delighted tonight when one of my sons helped me start a Ginger Bug tonight so in a few days I am going to try my hand at brewing a fermented ginger beer!

Some of my plants and Dobbie coz HP is life
Ginger Bug

One of the other wonderful things about being fairly isolated is getting to know myself again. The things that I like, what makes me tick and reevaluating how I want my life to look going forward from here, after isolation is over, after this year is over and into the rest of this decade. I am excited for the changes that are coming. I used to fear change and letting go of things but so many situations have taken place in our lives over the past few years that have caused me to learn to go with the flow. Even in this past week as Steve waited for the results of a procedure I was reminded over and over that we are not promised tomorrow! I’m grateful for each new day and for the opportunity to be kind – to others first and also to myself.