Little miss homemaker

The isolation has officially gotten to me. I have started making bread 🥯 … I can’t even believe that this is actually happening to me. I know that isolation can do things to people but I feel like I have had the chance to turn the clock back to 2002/3 in terms of the level of happiness and joy that I am finding in the little things. I will never ever again live my life to please others. It doesn’t mean that I intend to become a self absorbed shit head, never lifting my eyes off myself for long either to notice anything about anyone else. What it means is that I refuse to pretend. I will never ever again allow myself to live life that way, ever again.

I am loving reading fan fiction and creating recipes for the WLS community I am part of. I am excited about the recipe book I have been asked to collaborate on. I am enjoying time with my boys doing weird gymnastic work outs and them laughing at me as I try and mostly fail to do the exercises that they can do, but hey, at least I can usually do one or two of them these days! That is so much better than how things used to be, back in the days when I couldn’t see my toes, let alone even try to touch them! I am loving the slower pace of life. When isolation started we said to the boys “look around this table, these are the people that you are going to be with, night and day, for the next few months. Learn to appreciate each other!” And they so have!

I miss our friends, I miss our families but I am going to miss these precious days when all of this is over. There is always a silver lining and I am finally starting to see mine.

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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