Retail therapy

If one is going to sign up for therapy, I truly believe that it should be the embodiment of the word! Therapy should heal or treat a disorder. So to heal my tragically chubby wardrobe and to treat my now thinner body to some clothes that actually fit it, I have gone on a little bit of a spender bender over the past few weeks. I needed some warm clothes and some nice boots.

My retail therapy began by trolling the inter webs, looking for what is appropriate for a 40’something, mum of 5 with a passion for plants, Harry Potter fan fiction and baking, with a slight potty mouth, great legs and scary arm flaps to wear. Shock of shocks, I found nothing 🤣 !! I make Pterodactyls jealous with my arm flaps! How do you hide that shit. At first you do hide it but now I am at the point where I don’t even care, except it’s nearly winter, I live in the arse end of Australia and it gets COLD here. So I have to find things to fit the arm flaps into and hopefully also find things that will look good on the rest of me. That is hard when you have been large for a long time.

I know how to dress a slimmer body. I really do know how to do it, but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to look. The bigger version of me pops up in my head from time to time and she is like “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!” and then I remember, actually I can wear that now. People have suggested that I should hire a wardrobe consultant and that is probably a wonderful idea for other people, but it is not a good idea for me. I like weird and quirky a little bit too much to have someone telling me what to wear. Perhaps it is the rebel in me 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I really feel like it is part of my own job to find my new style. Talk about a first world problem – I mean come on! How hard can it be to chuck some clothes on your now size 6 self . . . well it has proven to be harder than I was expecting it to be. I will update as things arrive and I have a chance to talk pictures of them.

My boots arrived today. I am in shoelove. Yes that is a thing! I was so excited to lift them from their gorgeous box, to fold back the tissue paper and to see that they were EXACTLY the right colour. It was hard for me to purchase boots. I no longer have calves that are too wide to be able to fit into boots. Actually, I now need a slim fit. Not only that, I am particular about the shape of the toe and I am even more particular about the height and shape of the heel. I am not interested in teetering around, looking like I could fall and break myself at any moment, so high heels were out. I am pretty much hobbit height so I really need something to give me a little boost but the heel needs to be comfortable without looking clunky. I found those magical, unicorn like boots and they made their way from the USA to me in just under three weeks. Now to wait for the other lovely things I have ordered to arrive and then to wait for an occasion so that I can leave this damn house and wear them!! Oh this is also a fair warning those well meaning souls who think it’s okay to tell me to “eat a few burgers” now …. grow up and stop with the skinny shaming – I too have things I can suggest that you should eat and it is NOT a burger!!

New boots ♥️😍♥️