I love the beautiful people in my life. They truly do inspire me to want to be a better human being. Today was a really hard day at our house. We got a phone call from our sons principal, letting us know that one of the children in our sons class passed away yesterday in an accident. Our principal is a good guy with a great family. They have children the same age as our children, our boys have played football together for years and been in class together also. I can only imagine how he must have felt to have to call family after family to tell them this terrible news. Our school community is close and I know that homes all over Geelong will be devastated by the loss of this little treasure.

Telling a child that someone they love has died is a terrible thing. It feels especially worse when that narrative includes the death of one of their peers, someone that they called their friend. I am not sure that I have done it correctly. Is there a way to do those things? I cannot imagine that anything would have made the news that I had to deliver to my son any less damaging, and totally devastating. When I told my little boy what had happened, I watched his big blue eyes filled with tears and he repeated “No Mummy, no, no, no please no.” he made that dreadful, gut wrenching sounds that come from a deep place of grief and just not knowing how to articulate the big, painful emotions he was feeling and he cried and cried. He went white as a sheet, he was physically sick and he expressed his sadness for the other children in his class. He has remained very quiet for the rest of the evening and that was okay because we were quiet too. We are grieved too. Tonight he is sleeping in our room. We didn’t question it for a moment, he needs to be close. His dad has surgery this week, I have had heart issues and he is missing his loved ones that he cannot see at the moment. It is a lot for an adult to cope with, let alone a 10 year old child.

When I saw his little face crumble with the horrible news, it reminded me once again why I have made the changes that I made. I wish I could fix everything for them but I can’t.