Dr. Lan Lan

What a true legend. I was so nervous ahead of my appointment today but I really need not have been. Dr. Lan Lan was absolutely wonderful and such a great fit for me. She was kind, informative, listened to me and I instantly felt so at ease. I am glad that my Weight Loss Surgeon knows me as well as he does and that he referred me to her. We went over everything and she came up with a plan. I have a greatly increased medicine regime to follow, new meal schedule and I have a scary new kit that the family has to learn to use in case I am found unconscious again. Probably the most upsetting part of this is that I have to test my sugar far more often and I am not allowed to drive if my blood sugar is under a certain level. Of course this is the safe and responsible thing and I am 100% in agreement with it but I do worry about how that may look in terms of disruption to our lives. My BSL has only been at a level that I would be able to drive one time in the last 2 weeks that I have been testing it.

To be honest – generally I feel a little bit overwhelmed by it all and I expect that is quite normal. We decided to do this new plan for 4 weeks and then I have another appointment with Dr. L. Hopefully we are not going to need to add in another medication or further tests but if needed she said she will fit me in as soon as possible if things do not calm down. The other medication that she wants to put me on would mean that I would have to be testing my blood pressure all the time as well – I want to avoid that if possible. So I am hoping that things will calm all the way down with the increased meds and I can start having a somewhat normal life again.

My very own stabby stick :/