The Highs and the Lows

I am slowly coming to terms with my new life. 4.7 is my Blood Sugar Reading this morning. I am not allowed to drive if it is under 5 so that sucks! Hopefully throughout the day I will have a period of time that affords me the opportunity to be able to go and do some essentials at the grocery store. Our son has tried applying for an exemption to get his license (he has been eligible since April but covid means that there is no license tests unless you fall into exceptional circumstances) But the department of transport have knocked back his application on the basis that him driving is not essential – I would say that getting the immunocompromised person with a tendency to become unconscious from hypos should be essential but apparently not. So there is quite a lot of stress around how things are going to look going forward for me and for us. I have an appointment with my GP this morning to discuss things so we will see where things go from there.

The trouble with our hearts

If you can relate to 👆🏻 raise your hand!! I see you there nodding. Gosh if I was to just be led around by my heart I would simply collect fifty thousand floral tea cups, only eat chocolate and never drink anything but coffee or gin. My wardrobe would be 10000 offensive t shirts, all the long boots and ripped skinny jeans and I would probably shave my head just to see how it would look 🤣 !!