Blogs are sometimes strange things. I often feel like I am writing for my friends and I just share my heart and thoughts and everything in between but there are a heck of a lot of things that I don’t talk about on here. I always find it interesting when my blog gets heaps of hits on certain dates. So for those stalking along at home – sorry – no juicy goss.

On the home front – Well we are coming to the end of the term three school holidays. The kids are enjoying themselves and what a full and busy time the last few weeks have been. We love the families and friends that are part of our lives. They are precious to us and to our boys and it has been nice to reconnect with people in safe, socially distant ways throughout the school holidays. On Tuesday of next week, our younger boys return to school! What a day that will be. And on Wednesday of next week our older two sit the GAT, learn online for the remainder of that week and then return to onsite learning for week two of term four. The reality is that our year 12 only has 3 weeks of onsite learning until he is finished year 12 and then commences studying for his final exams. So the 29th of October is his last day. My heart feels very much like it jumps into my throat just talking about it. How this has happened, well I am really just not sure. How did we get to this point. It has been a year like no other in living memory and my heart has broken for the year 12 cohort of 2020. Although I will say that they are some of the most wonderful, kind, resilient and good natured people that I know.

Our gorgeous year 12 has been eligible to get his p’s since March but covid has seen to it that he has not been able to sit his hazard or driving test. With all that has happened recently with my health we were able to obtain a medical exemption from Vic Roads for him to sit both of those things. Thankfully and unsurprisingly, he passed, so we now have another driver in the family. This comes in mighty handy at times – like today when children had to be in different places and my blood sugar was 2 and I was not allowed to drive anywhere. I remain very thankful that we do live within an easy distance of both campuses, and I am grateful to my wonderful friends that have offered to help, should we ever need assistance but all of those things are hard during covid restrictions.

We also patiently await news if the border is going to open to Victorians wanting to travel into Queensland for Christmas. Once open I am OUTTA HERE! I shall not be seen for dust. Oh the fun that we will have.

Coz impressive leg gains 🤣🤣 but actually my little brown bag is pretty important! In it is an injection if I am ever found unconscious! It is always with me whenever I am heading out of my home.

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