Sometimes the best blessings are the things that we do not get. Sometimes the best things of all are lessons that we learn along the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the last 3 years of my life if I tried. It’s been hard, beyond what I wanted to ever endure but I have learned to be okay with the discomfort.

Sometimes, it is in the hard and broken places that we decide to change. We can chose to be different, chose a different outcome, chose a different path. If I had known what lay ahead of me back in 2017 when I decided to book in for weight loss surgery I would have likely chosen to remain as I was. So many things have happened……… and not all of them have been good BUT – I am a lover of silver linings, I look for them, even when I feel like there are none to be found. Hope truly is an anchor!

Right before my weight loss surgery there was a defining moment that happened in my life. I was bullied in the workplace. The things said were disgusting, beyond what I would consider ever saying to another human. But something happened in me that day and it has happened a few other times since. On that particular day, I rejected the words that were said about me and refused to agree with that assessment of who I am. That interaction changed my life forever! Now I am thankful for it! It’s hard to believe that being called a “Fat C@&$” could be a moment of power but it truly has become one and I am thankful for it!! It was the catalyst that I needed to truly believe in myself and my worth for the very first time.