To Be Kind

Recently, one of my children has faced a situation that activated and challenged their deepest thoughts and beliefs. While I do believe that our spur of the moment, instant responses to situations may not always reflect positively on us – they do speak to the type of person that we are on the inside. I hope that one day I am as brave as my son. I want to do better, be better and stand firmer because of them.

Prior to my weight loss, when squeezed, challenged or confronted with situations that I found upsetting or unjust, I used to bury my true feelings and try to “not rock the boat”But sometimes, not only does the boat need a good rocking, sometimes it needs to sink.

I refuse to participate in teaching my children to be “nice” !! I can totally get around teaching them to practice kindness, love and mercy but I will never make them be silent in the face of injustice. Just because it’s how it’s always been doesn’t mean it’s right!! And it really is possible to be right but very wrong at the same time!