I have been invited to things in my life, I have been uninvited and I have been not invited – I think most of us can relate to at least two of those things and if you are like me, like to speak your mind, have no hesitation about calling things as you see it, then you may have been uninvited too! 🤣 If you have been, “high five” you are in good company here.

So this is my invitation to you. I would love to know what you would like to know about me. I am happy to discuss all things weight loss surgery and skin removal surgery. My family is off limits but I will do my best to answer anything else xx

A time to dance

I have spent the last two years of my life wrapped in mourning. I am very good, usually, at presenting a brave face to the world. If you don’t know me well you would be forgiven for believing that everything is wonderful! A lot of times I look at pictures of me and I can see it there – the smile that doesn’t quite touch my eyes and I know that the sadness is creeping in. Sadness has picked away at every single moment of my life these past few years – but I cannot allow myself to stay here.

Last night I lay in bed wondering if it is okay for me to allow myself to feel happy again. To allow myself to start to feel joy again and I have decided that YES it is okay. My boys need me to be okay and so I am putting myself back together – Expect to see a lot of exciting things!

So as I put flesh on the bones of my life and feel myself coming back, slowly. Some days it is step by step and it is hard but I can do hard things and so can you.