When I began my weight loss surgery journey I did not expect to still need supplements 4 years later but here we are. I have done all the things, seen the dieticians, had gastroscopes and it just seems that I have very excellent restriction and malabsorption that works very efficiently. In light of these things my protein consumption has been a bit problematic.

What do you do if you are highly sensitive to red meat to the point that your blood sugar drops to dangerous levels of you have it? Well I can tell you, you avoid it! Soooooo I have had to find what works best for me to help support my protein needs. Currently I add protein to my coffee which works so well!! Yay that something works for me. Don’t get me wrong – I still do my best with my food but to help me along I add that scoop of protein to my favourite drink and it makes my day less stress filled food wise!

So here I give you my fav Proffee (protein and coffee) video. I am low key in love with my coffee machine too. I don’t bother going out for coffee now because it’s nicer to have one at home 🫶🏻