Scotch Pie

This is not a weight loss recipe – it is just a recipe that I made this weekend with my 12 year old son! He is exploring our Scottish heritage and was keen to make a scotch pie.

I used two onions chopped finely, a handful of basil, a hand full of rosemary and a handful of oregano- all fresh. I used nutmeg freshly grated about a tablespoon, chicken stock – one cube and about 1 cup of water and then I used about 1 kilo of lamb mince and I cooked that until the meat was browned and then I eyeballed the amount of gravy that was going to be needed and added that to the meat and herbs – it needs to be quite a dry pie filling but the fact that it is lamb mince kept it very nice to eat.

To make the crust –

4 cups of plain flour in a large bowl and make a well in the centre. On a small saucepan on the stove boil a cup of water and a cup of lard together and then pour it into the flour and stir.

I then divided my dough again by eyeballing it because I know my pie dish by heart and know roughly how much dough I need for a base and a lid and I just pushed the pie crust into my pre oiled dish. Placed the cooked filling straight into the crust, and then put the lid on that I had rolled out. These pies have a lip on the side so that you can load the top up with toppings like mashed potato and gravy etc so we did that too once it was served.

I baked it at 180 for 50 minutes.


This recipe makes two meals for me but hey you do you!! The macros are per me sized serve so half the bowl

❤️ I crumble up one weetbix
❤️Top with one scoop of Tasteless Peotein by Feel Good.
❤️Then cover this with your milk of choice (I used no sweetened almond milk.
❤️I then prepare the yoghurt topping – I mix yoghurt, vanilla protein powder, vanilla Noshu choc chips mixed with a little bit of tiny Almond Milk and melt in the microwave and mix that into the yoghurt and protein powder.
❤️Top the weetbix with the yoghurt.
❤️Cut up two strawberries 🍓 and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of monk fruit sweetener on it and cook it in the microwave for 1 minute.
❤️Pour the strawberry mix on top of the yoghurt and top with some white choc chips.
❤️Refrigerate and enjoy a few hours later.

Lava Cake

Lava Cake with a Feel Good Shake

I was hankering for something super chocolatey, a little bit comfort food-ish but I remain super super sensitive to carbs so eating something like this out isn’t an option BUT it is if I use my VLCD shake as a base. This is what I did.

1/2 a Vanilla Feel Good Shake
2 tablespoons unsweetened coco powder
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
And mix until combined – the mixture will be thick
Place the mixture into a condiment sized microwave safe dish and create a little hole in the middle.
Place one or two squares of your favourite sugar free or dark chocolate into the hole and cover with cake batter.
Cook in the microwave on high for 1 minute and 20 seconds (in my microwave)

Remove from microwave and turn the cake out into a plate.

You can have this with yoghurt or low fat cream or just on its own xx

The Long Game

I vividly recall sitting down right before my weight loss surgery thinking, “I am very sure there is no way that this is going to actually work in the long term.” I had been morbidly obese for most of my 41 years at that point. I could not fathom what it would be like to live out my days in a body that was smaller. I was genuinely frightened of what it meant to have my excuses removed and to not be able to use my weight as an excuse to hold myself back. That was one of the most challenging aspects of everything for me! Grasping the fact that my life was about to change in a massive way.

Change can be daunting, terrifying, wonderful and every other thing rolled up into one. But what is even more scary – staying as we are. Last night I was talking with a person in a big weight loss support group that I help to run and they are scared. Scared to make the choice and I feel it right down to the very tips of toes. That fear that grips you and makes it hard to breathe, and even harder to think!! I felt it so keenly before my surgery. How could I even consider spending that much money again. I already failed with lap band! I felt that I was unworthy of the financial risk. I felt that I was unworthy of the chance to live my life without the extra kilos of it meant that my family would be financially burdened in any way. When the belief finally sparked inside of me I was still so frightened but I was ready to walk out the journey of what my life would be like if I removed my biggest excuse.

Being big had been my reason to avoid so many things and suddenly I was taking my life by the horns. I can remember staring into my bathroom mirror a few weeks before my surgery. I had been called a fat C$&@ by my boss that day at work when they didn’t know I could hear them and I looked myself in the eyes and said “no one else can save you, only you can do this” and repeated that over and over again to myself until after my surgery was done. Please know that you are the hero your story needs. You so have that inside of you. You may not think it is heroic to lose weight but I can tell you there is nothing braver than someone who is powerfully determined to change their life. You are the hero that your story needs. Don’t wait for someone else to come along – you can do it. You and only you get to have the final say. That day when I got up onto the operating table I started something that continues unfolding in my life. Our story is still being written so let’s write it well xx

Dumping Syndrome

Had weight loss surgery? Or thinking about evicting that naughty little tummy? I remember those pre weight loss surgery days and I felt total information overload! I might get what? What the actual fuck is Dumping! Am I going to shit myself a lot? I mean, it sounds like that right? Dumping …. just the name conjures up images of rivers of …………. ANYWAY! Dumping syndrome can be a thing after weight loss surgery. It can also be something that you never ever experience! I have lots of friends that have never had any dumping at all since their weight loss surgery. And then there is me, sitting over here in the corner, waving the ” WLS DUMP MASTER CHAMPION” flag! (thats not a thing but I think it could be 🤣)

So what is it exactly? Doctor Google will be your friend and explain it to you but I can tell you what happens to me if I happen upon too many carbs! I get dumping syndrome if I have more than about 10 grams of carbs at a time. On days when I like to live on the wild side I might up it to 12 grams just because I am feeling like I am up the challenge! Usually it’s okay but some days – like today – well it’s not okay!! 10 grams of carbs isn’t a lot – check out how many carbs you eat the next time you eat something and spare a little thought for me because even now, 4 years post WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) I still experience dumping if I ingest more carbs than that.

For me, what happens is as follows – within a few minutes of eating or drinking whatever it may be, I start to notice my temperature rise, I might feel dizzy and a bit anxious too – this is soon followed with a rapid increase in heartbeat. After this I will experience horrible horrible cramps in my lower abdomen. At this point I may or may not need the toilet – Usually not but sometimes I have had a rapid bout of explosive bumhole pyrotechnics. This is always followed by an intense need to lie down and overwhelming tiredness. I have had a lot of people say to me “But how can you even live with that!!” “I wouldn’t have weight loss surgery if I knew that would happen to me!” “OMG how do you even survive” ……. After 4 years of living this way I can say that I am now thankful for the way my body responds to sugar. Chances are, I possibly could choose a better way to fuel myself than what I was eating, so I can use that as a moment to make great choices for myself. But in the early days I did feel overwhelmingly sad and even angry at times because I LOVE carbs. I was so upset the first time that it happened to me out in public. I had just had a Boost Juice and oh my word!! I got to see just how tightly I could clench my arse cheeks while running to the closest toilet! I have never had Boost Juice again.

All of that may sound kind of horrifying but honestly not being able to eat the foods that I was very clearly dependent on and that were causing me great physical harm has really been a blessing in disguise. I only had dumping a few times before I decided that I could happily live without those things. It caused me to be creative and make other food that satisfied my cravings that were better and healthier choices for me and it keeps me honest and accountable in the long term. I guess I could look on it as a negative but thats no way to live so I try to look on the bright side 🙂

Have you experienced dumping syndrome?

How is it for you?

To be bold

When boldness captures your heart and you wrap yourself in purpose it becomes so much easier to live intentionally and authentically! Prior to weight loss surgery I lived my life shrouded in extra layers, my dreams and desired buried deep down! I lived my life out of a sense of obligation and pain because I could see no way that I would ever do the things I dreamed in my heart.

Four years later I now know just how brave she was. The day that she decided to change the narrative. I now know that all the times I wanted to be strong I was actually asking for a life filled with challenges – because how do we ever know how strong we truly are until we come to the end of ourselves?

These days my desires are oh so different!! I ask for the grace needed to be kind and intentional with my days, with those I love and with myself. Changing is hard but staying the same is harder.

Weight Loss Surgery Boobies!

Ode to my WLS Boobies

Oh Breasts that once stood proudly
With Nips that saw the sun,
Your bloom is gone, your fat is lost
The fun bags are un-fun.
My crinkly scrotum raisins
I could not hate you if I tried
You may look like ET now
But I wear you with love and pride.

by Tash Jarrett 🤣🤣