Overnight Weetbix

When this concept first made its way onto tiktok I was shook – surely other people grew up eating weetbix with hot water until it went to mushy deliciousness? Anyway this is my bariatric take on things with the protein supplements that I have on hand in the house.

One weetbix with a scoop of Tasteless by Feel Good on it and a squirt of sugar free maple syrup and then boil water to make the weetbix go mooshy. Then I just mix half a VLCD Feel Good Shake with enough water to make a custard consistency and pour that on top (you can add yoghurt here but I like this more. And then Noshu (no sugar) chocolate with a little milk in it – melted in the microwave poured over the top. I refrigerate mine over night and enjoy the next day 😍