Puffy Muffy

Can we talk about something for a minute?? I wanna discuss post weight loss surgery Puffy Muffy! If you are easily offended this is probably a good blog to avoid 😳

Not sure if I am the only one who had dreams of a nice looking below the belt region? Well I guess when I say nice looking …… being able to see it was my first goal! But I am going to be honest here and say that when I finally could see it, I wanted to just place my fat flap down and never lift it up to look ever again.

Mine has not faired too well throughout this process. I had/have major skin discolouration from the years of sweaty groin and chub rub so that is something that I really dislike but it’s more than that. Tubby Kitty had some major swelling from an incisional hernia, 5 kids and 100 kilos of weight loss it looked like very very saggy balls. My muscle separation continued right down onto my mons with a VERY noticeable division down the middle of the fat pad but I vent after TWO mons lifts but I STILL still have puffy muffy. I feel like I have a bumper pad on me like a bumper car! I still have stretch marks on it and it still looks a bit ding dong dangly.

So my question is, has anyone had a lower incision into your mons where they took a bit more skin to make it smaller. It’s one thing to chop straight across but I feel like it needs a little something more to remove the sheer volume of excess skin in that area. Or am I destined to walk the earth with a saggy fupa 😆

Ps…… for those who know me in person – I see your eyes go south next time we see each other ……… imma laugh and laugh and laugh!


Today I was asked if I used to have one prior to my WLS, if I still have one now! Well – ain’t this the Awkie question 🤣🤣! Actually for me it’s not because I am fairly shameless and I am just gonna shameless my way through this! So be warned ….. strap yourself in folks. If you are of a delicate constitution you may wanna divert your eyes now coz it’s gonna get graphic up in here………………….😯 Naughty Naughty I know you are still reading 🤭😉

So, what is a FUPA? That, my friend, is a Fat Upper Pubic Area! Cushion for the push’en as it were. The answer to that question is – I was fat everywhere else why would my mons have escaped the excess fat stores? I was most definitely rock’en a Big Mac instead of a hamburger!!

The thing is that as I lost weight…. yep it sagged just like EVERYTHING else! So not only was there a long wrinkly stomach skin curtain, there was also a saggy mons falling down over umm everything (I am currently drawing circles in the air over that general area) you get what I mean yeah?

I cannot even tell you how embarrassed I was of the saggy FUPA. It was as bad or worse than the shame I felt at my skin flap boobies. Only Steve ever saw it and hey he never said “love we need to tie that thing back outta the way” but my gosh I wanted to shrivel up and die from shame because of it. It literally made me feel terrible about myself.

My FUPA met its match when I had my tummy tuck. Woohoo for a mons lift. The skin curtain was removed and hey presto I have no FUPA anymore 😍 It makes a MASSIVE difference to how I feel about myself and it seems to have made a pretty huge difference to sex. I think that is as graphic as I will be on a blog 🙂

And obviously this is a pictureless Post 😂😂😂