When I began my weight loss surgery journey I did not expect to still need supplements 4 years later but here we are. I have done all the things, seen the dieticians, had gastroscopes and it just seems that I have very excellent restriction and malabsorption that works very efficiently. In light of these things my protein consumption has been a bit problematic.

What do you do if you are highly sensitive to red meat to the point that your blood sugar drops to dangerous levels of you have it? Well I can tell you, you avoid it! Soooooo I have had to find what works best for me to help support my protein needs. Currently I add protein to my coffee which works so well!! Yay that something works for me. Don’t get me wrong – I still do my best with my food but to help me along I add that scoop of protein to my favourite drink and it makes my day less stress filled food wise!

So here I give you my fav Proffee (protein and coffee) video. I am low key in love with my coffee machine too. I don’t bother going out for coffee now because it’s nicer to have one at home 🫶🏻

Protein Satay Sauce

I get asked a lot of the time how to use tasteless protein in meals and also the powdered peanut products. Tonight we are having satay chicken but I don’t like to put myself at the mercy of pre-made sauces. This is the how I make my Satay Sauce with added protein. I find this is an excellent way for me to increase the amount of protein in my day to day diet. Links to any of the products that you may not commonly have can be located here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The Tasteless Protein is fabulous and safe to cook with!

Macro Mike is a powdered peanut product. I am a fan of it but you can just use peanut butter.

Oat Donuts

I adore this recipe!!! I was scrolling the Interwebs looking for food inspiration and happened upon the oat flour crazes that are all over TikTok!

The next morning I made baked oats for the kids and a thing started! They were in love And I had to make it every single day… (that is a recipe for another day) but it sparked a thought about a vague memory of a mini donut maker that was gifted to us so I went hunting and found it!! And these were born!!

The protein Powder that I use is called Tasteless by Feel Good and it is from Costprice Supplements

The Fruit Powders that I use are from

Anyway here is the recipe for you two different ways.

Hearts and more Hearts

Since my WLS I have a bit of a struggle getting enough protein into my diet. I have been HORRIFIED beyond belief to learn that generally there is quite a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to food and exactly what we are putting into our bodies. I suppose I have become passionate about this particular field because, for so long, I was abusive towards my body. I did not fuel myself correctly and I certainly did not understand the sheer volume of food that I was mindlessly consuming.

Now that my awareness has changed and I am in a position where I need to be very careful to make each mouthful of food count for something I have become a lover of protein hacks! Hands up if you know that the weight of your protein source is NOT THE AMOUNT OF PROTEIN IT CONTAINS!!! I want to cry in frustration every time I read someone making a comment online that they “don’t know why you struggle with protein – just eat 90 grams of chicken and its all good” if that is your thinking please google the following “how much protein is in 90 grams of cooked chicken” and there in lies my problem – My stomach has the capacity of a small tin of tuna about three times a day. If I eat more than that I am sore, sick and uncomfortable 🥵 😣

When my blood tests came back that I was deficient in protein I had to act – that is malnutrition and that is serious. So I started using supplements. I have tried so many! The one that I like the most is Tasteless by Feel Good and I use it in most of my hot drinks, a lot of my cooking and I have started making myself other items that I can just quickly down, that are small, but contain a good protein hit.

I saw these protein Gummies on Bariatric Support Australia page on facebook and I have fiddled with the recipe until I have it working for me. So this is what I do.

For this recipe I used 125 ml of boiling water. The packet of Jelly (use diet if you are watching all of those naughty carbs) and dissolved it in the water, then two scoops of Tasteless Protein Powder and whisked it and then I added a spoon of gelatine and whisked it again. Don’t try to speed through the stirring – it takes a bit! And then into the fridge! Yum Yum

Before Surgery Photos

We all do it don’t we? Accentuate our positives and downplay the negatives? I know how to dress, I can rock the tiny little jeans, cute jackets and pretty shirts! I can paint my face with the best of them and look pretty good! Hey, I’m 42 (why is Taylor Swift’s 22 going round in my head LOL) and I think that its not all bad news …… or is it!

Last night, in preparation for my surgery, we did my pre op pics. The kind where you stand in all of your naked glory and just let the camera do the rest. I have already done these in the doctors office! (the poor man and his poor nurse)Sooooooooooooo can I just say OH MY FRICKEN GOSH, I am actually not feeling 100% okay today. This was confronting. I am 100% body loving. I think that there is nothing more aesthetically glorious than the human form – in all of its variations BUT apparently I feel this way about everyone else, and not myself! I think big, little, short, tall, slight and voluptuous forms are so intoxicatingly beautiful. People are beautiful – but me ….. weeeeellllllllllllll perhaps not so much! Clearly I know that this isn’t true and I am, once again, confronted with just how deep some of the wounds from my past run. I thought that I was fine with everything, but it turns out that Shrek was right! I am an onion – I have layers – and I found some old layers last night that have left me feeling more fragile than I was expecting to be today.

Please don’t get me wrong – I feel privileged to have had WLS and to have had such fantastic success BUT there is a line – or at least in my mind there was a line. I have a skin curtain and my mons is just really really disfigured from all of this weight loss. I have always kind of disassociated myself from that area of my body. Yes I have 5 kids and yes I have had a pretty great sex life for a long time with the same man BUT I do have a blockage in being able to accept the lower half of my body. So today I have started to panic about how I will look after surgery and what I can expect. I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations but I don’t want to wake up and be disappointed either. I am also having some questions about my breasts – particularly the side boob area. Will that be dealt with. What can I expect. So I am going to fire off an email to my surgeon. I am going to articulate all of my concerns to him and I am going to hope that between the two of them (yes I have two surgeons) that they can perform a miracle because I need one! I will post the pics that I took but I can’t do it today. I need some time to process my feelings around them a little more before I do.

Day 15 Post Op

Day 15 post op – I woke up this morning pretty sure that I could take on the world, then I tried to roll over 😳 ugh not for the faint of heart when you just had your insides chopped and changed and a few bits fixed that you didn’t know needed fixing. I wandered into the bathroom and stumbled onto the scales, to discover that I am 20kg down from my highest weight. Wah ….. like actually “What The Heck” I am now the lightest weight that I have been since Lincoln was 6 months old. I am not gonna lie, I did a little victory dance right then and there – the dog popped his head around the corner of the bathroom and clearly decided that it was all too weird for him, so he left me to my celebration. That celebration was short lived however, as I tried to decide how I would consume 60 grams of protein a day. This is the amount that the surgeon wants me to eat. I am limiting carbs. 

So these are the things that I can currently eat each day and I can have approximately 1/3 of a cup in total at one time. I am to eat three times a day. 

There is 10grams of protein in 100 grams of scrambled egg – at the moment so could possibly eat 50 grams of it. 

There is 14grams of protein in 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese. At the moment I can eat about 1/3 of a cup

There is 4grams of protein in 1/2 a cup of hummus

There is 6 grams of protein in 1/2 a cup of Kefir. 

Obviously, without a protein powder I am NOT reaching 60 grams of Protein a day – soooooooo now I must delve into the scary world of protein supplements 😳 and also find one that is gluten free and that is not a meal replacement as that has too many calories. 

A few people have congratulated me on taking the easy way to deal with my weight 😑 I politely perform a rude hand gesture to them in my mind as they spout their ill-advised dribble in my direction. The facts are, there is never going to be an easy way out for me. Because I have abused my body in the past with long periods of starvation, my body thinks it’s fun to hold on to it’s fat. Without enough protein going in, my body could do that again. So at the moment we have to work out how to get my fat cells to give up their plentious bounty 😂 Telling my fat to be gone doesn’t work (I’ve begged it to bugger off in the past)

I am going to have fun for the next few weeks working out how to eat enough of everything. I see the dietitian on Friday – I know that she is a well learned young lady but she also told me that I should have benefiber – which is made of wheat…. she also knows that I have Coeliac so I have decided that I have to check and double check everything she says. In the mean time give me your proteiny ideas xx