Surgical Follow up

Surgical follow up appointment today at 4:30 😊 and I am hoping that I get approval to drive again. In the mean time I have been making a list of things that I am looking forward to doing. 

1. Sitting in a cinema seat and not touching any part of the armrest 

2. Travelling on a plane and not feeling stressed about the seatbelt fitting me

3. Buying AND wearing a swimsuit 

4. Taking a regular barre class 

5. Walking into any shop I want and being able to fit into anything that I see and like

6. Eating out and not being terrified of sitting in a booth

7. Working out at the gym without drawing the scornful looks and insults of the fat haters in attendance 

8. Changing careers 

9. Going jogging with my boys

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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