Sleepless in Highton

I am sleepless once again!!! All I want to do is fall blissfully into unconsciousness but right now I am up to my eyeballs in thoughts about how the next few weeks will be panning out 😳 my thoughts are as follows .

1. I hate this bloody binder! The stupid surgical torture device is highly overrated and I won’t ever be convinced otherwise!

2. I wish the dog would sleep a bit more quietly !! It seems as restless tonight as I am. What the hell is it doing to its bed 😳

3. I am suddenly and inexplicably hungry! Why is that 🤔🤔 – is there fruit cheese? Can I realistically sneak out to the kitchen to eat fruit cheese in the middle of the night? Meh that seems like a lot of effort and bed is warm!

4. I am scared of the pain after surgery 😳😳😳

5. I am going to look fabulous and everyone that ever doubted me can go suck on it! Oh yeah… ahhh huhhhhhh (insert weird celebratory dance)

6. Scratch 5 – that’s actually mean and I’m not mean…………

7. Actually Reinstate 5 because I am just a little bit mean 😏🤣

8. Omg the Facebook Page that I help to run is inspiring and amazing and I can’t wait to see the direction things start to go in the months ahead!

9. Return to 1 and continue this loop mindlessly for a few hours 🤣🤣

So while I continue my mindless loop I give you picture of the INCREDIBLE pack I got from BN!!! I have actual bariatric Vitamins!!! I am not going to lie – I’m so fricken excited. The problems that I have had with being deficient in certain things have totally been getting me down and it was a huge concern for me going forward!!! Now I have a tiny spark of hope that things might get better!! Oh AND the drink bottle has cute little phrases written on it so I sorta feel like it’s cheering for me !!! and yes it feels good to have a cheer squad ….. even if it is my drink bottle 🤣… ♥️ Thanks BN 💞♥️💞

And here is one of me – being a lady – in a dress 😳😱

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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