Cheer for Yourself!

Hey ho gorgeous folks – it’s been a hard weekend here. We have had a sick kid, hospital time and I continue to battle along with some issues that I have been having. I am tried and I feel emotional but guess what – I can choose how I am going to finish off this weekend. I can opt to allow myself to fall into despair and wallow here for a bit or I can GET UP and decide that I’m gonna cheer for myself today!

We can be problem orientated or we can become solution focused, we can look for the silver lining and choose to keep ourselves moving forward. Some days are hard and there is no two ways about that. Some days we wonder how the fuck we are gonna manage tomorrow and we feel a bit overwhelmed because eating is harder or easier than we were expecting. Honestly there is something to be said for proactively CHEERING for yourself on days like that!! I refuse to stay down today!!

So I am looking at this side by side pic and thinking – WOW me in the blue was 45 kilos lighter than my starting weight and I was so happy – me today looks a whole lot different again and both these pictures make me smile!! Yay little me!! You did it girl, you did it xx cheer for you today, pat yourself on the back or pull yourself up and get ready to go again because you are worth it and friends don’t let other friends wallow – Love Tash

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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