The Christmas Hams

My gorgeous nephew came to visit a couple of weeks ago and he brought with him his delightful partner, whom I had never met before but was very sad to say goodbye to! Its wonderful to reconnect with family when you haven’t seen each other for a while and what was even better was to find that we share a love of fitness – well now we do. I always did love the gym but I was just far too big when I was at my biggest to be able to work out. Working out was walking, never mind lifting anything! That is the thing that I love in the gym – I love to lift.

I am loving the fact that the gym is once again part of my life. It makes me so happy to be getting back into fitness. It just makes me feel good.

Tonight was grow me an 🍑 day – or, as my nephew calls it “the Christmas Hams”. This year my Christmas Hams are looking a bit lean on it, but mark my words, there is going to be a pair of nicely rounded hams there next year. Leg and glutes day was ALWAYS my favourite and I have found that nothing has changed EXCEPT since my plastic surgeons have repaired my stomach muscle separation I am loving working my abs too! Oh the joy have developing that V in the lower abdominal area – yes I know its probably a bit silly and vain at my age to care about such things but honestly if I don’t work it now then when will I ever do it.

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