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Since my WLS I have a bit of a struggle getting enough protein into my diet. I have been HORRIFIED beyond belief to learn that generally there is quite a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to food and exactly what we are putting into our bodies. I suppose I have become passionate about this particular field because, for so long, I was abusive towards my body. I did not fuel myself correctly and I certainly did not understand the sheer volume of food that I was mindlessly consuming.

Now that my awareness has changed and I am in a position where I need to be very careful to make each mouthful of food count for something I have become a lover of protein hacks! Hands up if you know that the weight of your protein source is NOT THE AMOUNT OF PROTEIN IT CONTAINS!!! I want to cry in frustration every time I read someone making a comment online that they “don’t know why you struggle with protein – just eat 90 grams of chicken and its all good” if that is your thinking please google the following “how much protein is in 90 grams of cooked chicken” and there in lies my problem – My stomach has the capacity of a small tin of tuna about three times a day. If I eat more than that I am sore, sick and uncomfortable 🥵 😣

When my blood tests came back that I was deficient in protein I had to act – that is malnutrition and that is serious. So I started using supplements. I have tried so many! The one that I like the most is Tasteless by Feel Good and I use it in most of my hot drinks, a lot of my cooking and I have started making myself other items that I can just quickly down, that are small, but contain a good protein hit.

I saw these protein Gummies on Bariatric Support Australia page on facebook and I have fiddled with the recipe until I have it working for me. So this is what I do.

For this recipe I used 125 ml of boiling water. The packet of Jelly (use diet if you are watching all of those naughty carbs) and dissolved it in the water, then two scoops of Tasteless Protein Powder and whisked it and then I added a spoon of gelatine and whisked it again. Don’t try to speed through the stirring – it takes a bit! And then into the fridge! Yum Yum

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