We are incredibly fortunate as a nation. I mean we know that things aren’t perfect and many things across our country need to change. Sometimes those wheels of change turn slowly but I honestly believe in the goodness and kindness of Australians and I know that we are a fortunate country. We value mateship, we care about issues, we often pretend that we are chill over things while inwardly panicking/wishing we could fix it! We are currently experiencing the kind of restrictions across our beautiful homeland that we haven’t seen in over 100 years. So let’s talk about it for a minute. Calm, rational talk and not panic, fear or flippant disregard either 🙂

Our world is so connected now that we are privy to confronting images of how covid-19 has caught other countries off guard – and we can see these things as it happens. Personal stories are going viral, we have doctors posting blogs as they go through the stages virus themselves. We can read tales of joy and also of sorrow, minute by minute and these are easily accessed because of technology. I am sure that this saturation of information has driven the empty shelves in supermarkets and I am sure that it has driven the genuine sense of panic that seems to have gripped some and it is understandable.

We have had a Covid-19 family talk because the younger boys were hearing things at school. So we sat down and showed the boys Data – facts and figures and we talking about it all. Our youngest boy asked “Mummy have you lived in times like this before? Has the footy not had crowds and theatres been shut? And the shops so empty?” I looked into his big blue eyes and said “no sweetheart not in my lifetime and not in Nannies either but Your Grandnan used to tell me about rations and how they lived on limited resources during the war” it was a good talk. It was great to hear our kids concerns for others.

Steve and I were talking last night, and we discussed the fact that in this group we have so many members that have had or still do have health concerns that may be making them feel vulnerable. It’s okay to ask questions and it is okay to feel a sense of concern. I feel concerned for my grandfather – my last old darling left, I have other concerns too and those concerns are normal and natural. If you are on team – “meh it’s no big deal” – can I just suggest having a talk to the families of someone that has CF or other chronic illness, if we aren’t concerned for ourselves then we can and should be caring enough of others to want to do our part to slow Covid-19’s spread in Australia.

Unfortunately worry cannot fix one single thing in this situation! So that is a fairly pointless exercise. What we can do is be prepared. We can make sure we are taking what our specialist teams have told us to have in terms of vitamins, we can make sure that our diets are well balanced, make sure our protein is right, we can call up our elderly relatives and see if they are okay, or if they need anything. I have helped at least 5 older darlings this week when they were upset and unsure in the shops because so many things that they usually buy weren’t on the shelves. We can share out of our abundance if others need things, we can practise correct hand washing, we can be patient and we can be mindful that all of the current measures to slow down community transmissions may be an inconvenience but they are there to protect the vulnerable and they are worth protecting ♥️

Look after yourself and your loved ones today xx

#kindnessnotfear #covid19 #covid19australia

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