Prune It

I love gardening. I always have. Our first property had extensive gardens and I have retained my love of them as the years have passed. I love the seasonal nature of gardens and I adore that plants grow well if you give them the right things to do the job and if you have them in the right place. I learned this lesson a few times over during iso with my house plants. A few of my beloved green souls were lost because I didn’t get their location right and probably loved them a bit too hard with the water.

Anyway I was reading an article online about plant health and pruning which made me think about my life. I have recently pruned my life. Actually, I have done some very heavy duty pruning of my life for a couple of years now. I HATE pruning. It’s hard to choose which bits need to go and it’s hard to imagine what the plant may look like minus some of its current bits! However, cutting off the dead parts allows new things to grow. I wish it wasn’t like that but it is and it’s that simple.

Pruning for plant health focuses on removing dead, dying and diseased branches, branches that rub together and any branch stubs so the entire tree continues to grow in a healthy way.

In order to grow in a healthy way I will unapologetically prune myself of my old thoughts and ways that no longer serve me. I won’t keep myself entrenched in the same old things just hoping that everyone and everything else will change. No, that is not healthy – I will look at myself and move forward and change the things in me that need to be adjusted.

A very dear friend, that I love and who I know, without a doubt, loves me and has the permission to give me a telling off here and there said this to me a year ago – “ we are the common denominator in our own circumstances” and oh how that resonated with me. If I didn’t like what I was experiencing then I had to change it. If I wanted to have better health then I had to change it! If I wanted to be able to grow in my work life then I had to make changes. If I wanted to find peace in my own heart over some really sad issues then I had to make choices and I have. I have pruned, closed a chapter or however one terms it but the exciting thing is that brand new pages in this story are unfolding right before my eyes and honestly the best is yet to be!

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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