Pure Botany Purveyor

My joy and love for pretty things has hit full force! I am a bit obsessed with smoothie bowls over the past few months and I also have quite a fascination with cute tiny spoons 🤣 I have found that rather than skipping breakfast, if I bother to actually make an effort for myself then I don’t miss breakfast and I want to eat it because it looks so good! Sometimes I make the base from my favourite VLCD shake and sometimes I just blend banana and my fav yoghurt and collagen protein powder together – but whichever way it tastes so good. I have even used the powders in chia pots and in overnight oats! 🤤🤤 I kind of feel like eating stunning blue or purple food should mean that it is full of fake things but it doesn’t mean that at all!!! It is powdered superfoods. I am in love with pure botany blue spirulina and it’s actually available on Amazon 💕 I am also a bit obsessed with their Acai powder!!

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