Pink Latte

I won’t lie – I love this hard!!

Almond milk pink Pitaya latte with Tasteless protein and it is delicious on this chilly Geelong Morning!! I am cutting back on my caffeine (not giving up just scaling back) and decided to make this recipe that one of my older sons adapted for our youngest! This was made as follows!

In your tiny little saucepan add your 3/4 of a cup of protein almond milk and add a scoop of Feel Good Tasteless protein. Add 2 teaspoons of Pure Botany Pink Pitaya Powder a sprinkle of cinnamon, sprinkle of ground ginger, sprinkle of cardamom, sprinkle of all spice and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Heat until desire temperature and drink 💗💗

The pink Pitaya powder I use is from

My beautiful Pink Protein Latte

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