My Oldest Son

At my sons school the senior Campus is student free on Student Learning Conference Days (Aka old school – parent teacher interviews) we had a couple of interviews to attended, but first breakfast out together. 

Years go fast and making the most of each moment becomes more important as the years race by. The school years are the charmed years for parents. We are involved in their lives and our involvement is wanted and needed. Those bonds of friendship are forged in the teen years, through quality time – that’s the language all of our kids speak. How fortunate I am to have 5 incredible beings who call me “Mum” (my big boy calls me Lil lady or Mother) 

Aaaaaanyway, enough on our parenting philosophy because who knows if we are even getting anything half way right?? All you can do is love your kids, do your best and pray that they forgive you for the mistakes you will undoubtedly make along the way!! Soooooooooooooooo …. we went out for breakfast. Aramis had waffles and Nutella and I had half a piece of gluten free toast. I didn’t know if I would be able to manage toast. I had no idea if I would get any down but I did!! It was the first time I have had bread in 16 weeks! Yay!! It kind of goes against my new eating rules to have bread. I always eat protein first at every meal but it was okay this morning because there was no protein hahahaha!! No idea what I weigh today because I haven’t stepped on the scales but I am getting close to 94 kilos.

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