Barrier Breaker

I had a great big barrier in my mind about 95 kilos. When I was 144ish kilos – just 15 weeks ago – I couldn’t comprehend how it would feel to be 95 kilos again. It felt far too far away. Do you know what it is like to look at the same mountain day after day, after week, month and year? Hoping against hope that one day you find a way to get over the mountain? That was me! I was dreaming about a life where my size was not the deciding factor in EVERYTHING that I did. Gastric Bypass has been the game changer for me. Gastric bypass has enabled me to become a barrier breaker. The last time I remember being this small was not long after Justus was born. I was weighed the morning of my dear Aunties Funeral, as I was getting day leave from the hospital to attend. 

My weight did spiral from there. The trauma of Justus’ prematurity, my aunties death, marriage difficulties and a whole host of other things saw me turn to food in the biggest way that I ever had! I am not proud of it, but I can track my weight gain by turning point moments in our lives. I can tell you that June 17th, 2018 was a turning point moment in my life.

This morning when I stepped onto the scales I was in shock. 95.3 kilos. Lincoln has never known me to be this weight in his life time! I can hardly believe it. 49 kilos gone – 😁

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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