Hair Loss


So today is the day – yes I look tried as heck – Today I brushed my hair as usual and I noticed a bald patch. I knew that this could happen. I have had three surgeries in the last few months in addition to all of the usual reasons people that have had gastric bypass loose hair. This was a distressing moment! 

I have lost hair before. As a young person, when I was anorexic and in my dance phase I lost a LOT of hair and had balding on the sides of my head. This time it is in exactly the same place 😳😭 so today I am going in for the chop.

I have a whole lot of anxiety about cutting my hair. I love my hair – it is probably the only part of me that I have actually looked after over the years. I felt like I could somewhat hide behind my hair – yes I know that is not the most rational thought – but it’s how I felt. I hate the idea of my neck and chins being visible LOL and let’s not forget the rather unattractive side effect of weight loss surgery and rapid weight loss – I have a neckgina – ☹️ so today I am cutting off my favourite part of me because it’s falling out and I shall have on display my neckgina and chins. 

Of course there is always an upside!! It’s just hair and it will grow back! Also I won’t have to spend as much time on it, it will be cooler when warmer weather finally comes to Geelong and I might even like it ….. hmmmmm probably not but still, it is possible!!! So until I next update, think of me and think happy thoughts, also send positive vibes to the hairdresser!! Haha!!

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