Clap for yourself

I am not quite sure when it started to happen, but at some point in the last two years, I started to see enough value in me that I learned how to clap for myself.

Today I was talking with someone and they expressed how much they love it when compliments come their way. Of course it is a beautiful thing to be kind and generous with our praise and with our words that affirm someone’s value and worth!! But I can remember when I lived for it. I was addicted to the words and affirmation of others. I needed it to feel like I was okay. I couldn’t see worth in me and needed to hear that I had worth from others, or my non-existent self esteem would, some how, find a way to plummet to brand new lows.

My value, your value, is incalculable. It is woven in to the very fabric of who you are. Every single cell, every part of you and me has worth. I no longer need anyone else to tell me that. Of course it’s lovely to be the recipient of kind words but kind words, mean words or no words at all, does not change how precious we are. That fact has become as real to me as the phone I am holding while I bash away typing this to you. It’s why I advocate hard for health post weight loss surgery! When we see value in ourselves and others we want to be kind and take care because we know we are all worth it.

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Someone that decided enough was enough and believed that she could change her stars.

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